Our Experience

Our team has over 25 years experience in both rotary and laser engraving.

Our focus is to provide a no-fuss service, providing high quality engraving with a fast turnaround. We are specialists in free-issue engraving serving the electrical wholesale industry.

Happy to look at any of your engraving requirements from free-issue bulk engraving to a single commemorative plaque. Whether you know exactly what you need or simply looking for guidance and advice, please get in touch, our team are here to help.

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Our Plant Machinery

Gravograph Rotary Engravers

Rotary engraving is provided by the Gravogarph IS-Series. These machines are fast, powerful and incredibly precise. Adjustable rotation speed gives the flexibility required to machine the various materials required by our customers.

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Lotus Lasers

Laser engraving is carried out by our Lotus Lasers. Engraving by laser is far from a new technology but advances are being made at an increasing rate.

Our lasers can mark and etch at an incredibly high level of detail and intricacy. Not only that, they do can do so at such a speed that projects that were once deemed to be unviable in terms of cost are certainly viable now.

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Collection & drop-off service

Not local? No problem. Take advantage of our convenient drop-off and collection services

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