Wood can be both laser cut and engraved with great effect. From house signs to personalised gifts wood is a great option. Types of wood that can be cut and marked by laser include MDF, solid woods/timber, plywood, chipboard, cork and veneers.


Acrylic (Perspex) is an incredibly versatile material and engraves beautifully by either rotary or laser technology. Available in a vast range of colours, finishes and thicknesses acrylic offers wide scope in terms of creativity and design.

Trotec Troply

Engraving laminates have a thin surface layer which can be removed through engraving to reveal a different colour below. Available in a multitude of colour combinations to suit your requirements. Troply can be used to display fine detail with a clean finish. free from reflection. Suitable for indoor use.

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Trotec TroPly Metallic

Metallic engraving laminates provide an excellent alternative to using metals. Metallics are a popular choice for trophies and interior door signage, often increasing versatility in terms of design while decreasing cost.

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Trotec TroPly HighGloss

An engraving laminate with a high gloss finish. The surface layer is removed through either rotary or laser to uncover a different colour of the layer beneath. Many options available in terms of foreground/background colour combinations. The high gloss finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Stainless Steel

Benefiting from its resistance to rust and corrosion, stainless steel remains a popular choice for many applications for both interior and exterior use. When used for signage and plaques, the metal has a premium look and feel which is only enhanced by engraving and colour-fill.

Anodised Aluminium

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, anodised aluminium is light weight and durable. The material has an aluminium core with an anodised exterior coating. The surface coating is available in a variety of colours and finishes.


The classic look of brass is often used to produce engraved plaques. Brass is rotary engraved with black colour-fill for the lettering. It’s corrosion resistant so suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Over time brass can tarnish, polish regularly to keep clean and shiny. For a permanent clean brass finish that doesn’t require polishing, use lacquered brass.

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