Socket/Switch Engraving

We offer a free-issue engraving service for electrical switches and sockets. Both plastic and metal products can be engraved with colour-fill. We work closely with the electrical wholesale industry offering a dependable service and fast turnaround. For the convenience of our customers we offer a DPD drop off / collection service.

Engraved Valve Discs

Engraved valve tags are available in various plastic materials included engraving plastic (TroPly) and more rigid Traffolyte. If further durability is required metal valve discs are available in steel, aluminium and brass. Valve tags can be produced in custom sizes to customer specification. Discs are supplied with ball chains.

Engraved Machinery/Plant Labels

Most industrial machinery can be identified by an engraved nameplate or label. Labels or name plates can be produced in plastic, engraving laminate or metal. Name plates are fully customisable to customers specification.

Engraved Signage

We produce engraved signage for both interior and exterior use. Signs are produced to customer specification in a choice of materials. Types of signs available include office signs, desk signs, door nameplates and nameboards.

Engraved Control Panels

Bespoke control panels produced to customer specification. Engraved and cut using laser and rotary. Materials available include Stainless steel, aluminium, engraving plastic, Trafolite and acrylic.

Engraved Electrical Warning Labels

Engraved Warning or Safety Labels produced from engraving plastic laminates such as Trotec’s TroPly or Traffolyte. Available in many colour combinations, including commonly used safely colour schemes of yellow/black, red/white and blue/white. All labels can be supplied with self-adhesive backing and/or drilled holes.

Engraved Labels

Labels are mostly produced in laminated engraving plastics. A vast range of finishes and colour combinations are available. Labels are supplied with self-adhesive backings are drill holes for fitting.

Engraved Trophy Plaques

Trophy plaques are produced with Trophy Aluminium. We engrave with a non-rotating diamond or laser. Trophy plaques are supplied with a self-adhesive backing.

Collection & drop-off service

Not local? No problem. Take advantage of our convenient drop-off and collection services

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